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Emily Carey's latest album is now for sale in our shop. Click here for more info. 

Launch of my new site

Emily Carey MusicHi. My name is Emily Carey and I'm a singer, songwriter, and teen. I enjoy as much life as possible and try to keep myself busy growing in a positive way. Lately, we've had some exciting things happen. 

The first biggie: With the help of Daystar in Knoxville, a lot of talented musicians, and tremendous efforts by my family and friends, I have a great new album. Wings Of Faith is a contemporary Christian album in my own personal style. I like upbeat, powerful music... but that doesn't have to mean fast. The best part of the whole process... I LOVE to sing for God. I really hope people like the album and that it helps people. 

Next on my list: We finished a photo shoot. Take a look in the photos section to see it. And on that note, if you have photos from an event where I've performed, please send them in. :) 

And now I have a way to tell you all about it: A brand new web site. I'll be blogging here as often as possible, so please check back, or better yet, get my updates delivered to you through Facebook, Twitter, email, or RSS. 

I have to go for now, but I'd love to hear from you. And please enjoy the music. :)